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Placing veterinary talent first by supporting professionals to thrive in our industry and empowering veterinarians to provide exceptional care for pets and their owners.

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Welcome to Rarebreed Veterinary Partners

Rarebreed is a multi-site owner, operator, and business partner to veterinarians in the United States.

Rarebreed envisions a world where everyone can thrive at work. When work actually works for people, an individual’s
economic and emotional well-being increases. And there is a ripple effect: people, practices, and communities thrive!

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Our Approach

Seller Flexibility and Customization

We take an approach customized to maximize value to meet each seller’s needs. We work with those teams to create a management infrastructure that takes care of non-medical functions.

Veterinary Teams

Veterinary practice teams are our core focus. Rarebreed leverage our own experience plus that of a robust network of experts to help provide an exceptional work experience for practice teams.

Innovation & Technology

Rarebreed brings tried, and true methodologies and solutions to support the day-to-day operations, grow the business and support you in bringing your valued clients the best veterinary experience.

Why Choose Us?

We are an independent network of owner-operated hospitals. We understand that veterinary medicine is different, and every practice is unique. Our approach to relationship-building and honoring what makes a clinic special are integral to our business philosophy.

We are aware of the risks that practices encounter when placing their biggest asset in the hands of a new company. That’s why we are making sure to provide the type of shared rewards and long-term benefits that can outweigh these early risks.

Rarebreed Veterinary Partners is synonymous with authenticity, consistency, optimism and hard work.

Our approach to relationship-building and honoring what makes a clinic unique are integral to our business philosophy.


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