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Support Partners with Joy

A Network of Veterinary Hospitals

Our Vision

To reimagine the veterinary experience.

Our Mission

We deliver exceptional patient care, outstanding client service, and a kick-ass employee experience.

Our Values

Love, respect, and fun.

We're not just growing. We're building.

Together we’re advancing technology, elevating standards of patient care, and empowering our care teams.


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Creating Exceptional
Work Experiences,

We’re a community of
veterinary hospitals where
uncommon support
partners with joy.

We're in Your Neighborhood

Maine to Florida,
we've got you covered
from nose to tail.

Extraordinary is
Our Every Day​

We’re the Puli in the pack:
hard working, fun, loyal,
intelligent, and
a good listener.

We're a Rare Breed

We understand first-hand (and first-paw) what it takes to work in the veterinary profession. The dedication and grind, but also the heart. That’s why we provide a level of support that’s hard to find anywhere else, so you can focus on delivering the highest quality of care to the pet patients we all love.
From learning tools to career development, here are some of the uncommon resources you have access to:
CE Courses
Yearly CE
Field Team

Our Ecosystem

At Rarebreed, we know we’re better together. By creating a veterinary ecosystem that provides a “one health” approach, we aim to break the pattern of isolation in the veterinary profession. To us, collaborating with our network of practices is just as rewarding as an all-day doggie playdate with your best pup pals.

AND We're A Certified
Great Place To Work

We’re proud of our team for living our core values of love, respect, and fun – and taking exceptional care of our patients and each other every day.

Team Member Spotlight

Katie Hanson

Recruiting Manager

Fun Fact:
Katie was the captain of her golf team in high school.

Justin Velasquez

Digital Marketing Manager

Fun Fact:
Justin is a private skateboarding instructor. 

Elaine Yip, DVM

Director of Field Operations

Fun Fact:
Elaine enjoys practicing modern calligraphy and hand lettering.

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Specialty Emergency Hospital

Our specialty and emergency hospitals, staffed with our highest acuity teams, are equipped to handle the most critical situations.

PetMedic Urgent Care

Designed to fill a gap in veterinary care, the PetMedic Urgent Care team provides non-emergency services after hours and on weekends.

General Practice

Our family veterinary practices are the foundation of our organization, where you can provide regular care that keeps pets healthy and happy.