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Biswa Prakash

Chief Technology Officer

Fun Fact: Biswa plays the Indian classical percussion instrument, the Tabla.

Pet in Photo: Biswa 2.0

Raised in a family of world-renowned scientists, Biswa has a creative mind for innovation and solving problems. In his 20+ years of software development experience as an individual contributor and people leader, he has delivered efficient, high-quality customer-facing and back-end solutions in the e-commerce, healthcare and veterinary domains.

Biswa’s software development mantra is to build software that will change people’s lives for the better. He brings an immense level of enthusiasm and creativity into every facet of software development and strongly believes in adopting and incorporating technologies to simplify and shorten solutions and timelines.

In his spare time, Biswa enjoys playing the Tabla. He studied it professionally from his Guru from the age of four until 22, even performing in a few shows. Biswa also previously taught music.

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