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Brendan Ganguzza

Senior Director of Field Operations

Fun Fact: Brendan adopted his cat, TC (tiny cat), after finding her at 3 weeks old in the engine of his car.

Brendan’s veterinary career started in 2014 as a hospital manager for three general practices in the Houston, Texas, area. He then moved into a transition management role within the company to help acclimate practices coming into the network. He later took on the role of being an operations support manager for several specialty and ER practices within the company. Looking for a change, Brendan decided to get some direct management experience of a large Specialty and ER practice in Northern New Jersey. He quickly realized his calling was meant to be back in regional operations helping support hospital teams to be able to deliver exceptional care to patients and clients.

Outside of work Brendan enjoys spending time with his significant other, daughter, two cats, two dogs, one rabbit, and playing rugby and chess.

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