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Janine Contillo

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Fun Fact: Janine is a certified small-animal massage therapist.

Pet in Photo: Marty McFly

Janine’s career in communications – including marketing, copy editing, and writing – along with her lifelong love of animals, led her to Rarebreed. Although she’s worked in a variety of industries, including publishing, medical and security imaging, and computer software, it wasn’t until she joined Rarebreed that she felt a true connection. At Rarebreed, she’s able to do the work she enjoys the most for a company that helps the people who care for animals.

A native New Englander, Janine earned a Bachelor of Science in marketing from the University of Rhode Island. She lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with her husband, their dogs, Chico and Bernie, and their cats, Mr. Jones and Nana. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling abroad, listening to audiobooks, and watching British crime series.

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