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Kate Allen, DVM

Medical Operations Veterinarian

Fun Fact: Dr. Allen’s favorite karaoke song to sing is A Case of You, by Joni Mitchell.

Pet in Photo: Sophie

Dr. Allen application essay for veterinary school began with, “I want to be a veterinarian because I want to work with people.” As much as she loves biology, medicine and animals, Kate is also passionate about public speaking, acting and teaching. She’s been balancing this odd mix of interests by working with pets while also exploring the incredible world of scientific medicine.

While completing pre-veterinary courses at Cornell, she majored in archaeology and conducted a study on the territorial behaviors of seagulls (note: do not underestimate them). After college, she taught in a fourth-grade classroom for a year before returning to Cornell for veterinary school, during which she helped develop a summer school program for high schoolers interested in pursuing veterinary medicine. After several years in private practice, Kate is excited to help the Medical Operations team deliver medical excellence Rarebreed partners and clients.

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