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Marc Ouellette, DVM

Director of Veterinary Development

Fun Fact: Dr. Ouellette is an avid wildlife photographer.

Pet in Photo: Ted E. Westside (Teddy)

Born and raised in small-town America, Dr. Ouellette wanted to be a veterinarian for as long as he can remember. Those aspirations never wavered as he navigated through his academic years, ultimately culminating in a rewarding life spent giving care to those without a voice – and counsel to those that love them.

Dr. Ouellette knows the challenges and rewards of veterinary life at every level, from early days as a receptionist at a busy Montreal clinic, to his current role as partner and practice leader at Casco Bay Veterinary Hospital.

By sharing insights into what binds devoted animal caretakers and shining a light on the profession’s opportunities for improvement, he hopes to play a role in helping colleagues achieve both personal and professional success by enjoying the benefits of a Rarebreed partnership.

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