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Matthew Campbell

Chief Experience Officer

Fun Fact: Matt participated seven times in one of the most beautiful bike rides in the United States – a century (100-mile) ride – to raise money for cancer research.

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As a junior at Hobart College, Matt was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His parents surprised him with Jackson, a black Labrador Retriever puppy who stayed by his side during all his treatments. Jackson provided loyal companionship, comfort and unconditional love that helped Matt become a cancer survivor.

In 2012, Matt resigned from a New York-based hedge fund – where he was a successful portfolio manager – and moved to Maine, seeking better work-life balance for him and his family. After five years of working as an entrepreneur and investor in various companies, Matt met Rarebreed co-founder Dan Espinal, who shared his vision for Rarebreed.

Matt is excited to be a part of a company that prioritizes positive work environments and collaborative culture throughout veterinary clinics, with a mission to take care of people who take care of animals.

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Teammates? We Like the Sound of That

If you’re looking for practice support, unmatched employee benefits, and a family-like working environment, we might be for you.