What Keeps You Up at Night?

(We Can Help)

A Strategic Partner To Help Support 
and Grow Your Practice

If thinking about selling your practice makes you nervous, we understand. Many owners get sweaty palms at the prospect of posting a “For Sale” sign. We get that. You’ve poured your heart into your practice and made it something special. Your healthcare team is like family to you, and protecting their jobs is a top priority. It is for us too. We know this is an important milestone in your life. Because it can be hard to think about what might come next in your journey, we offer partnerships to fit your needs and achieve your dream. Every partnership is designed to maximize three benefits for you: 




Unwavering Commitment to Preserving Legacy

We are “people” people. We listen to your concerns and tackle them head-on with you. We get to know you and learn about your practice needs so we can customize your partnership options.

We aim to enhance your existing culture, provide you with innovative tools, and support your hospital. Let us preserve your legacy and empower your teams so they can do what they love to do most: care for animal companions.

Making Practice Operations Smooth and Pain-Free

Every practice is different, so is every partnership. So we offer a range of services that helps practices succeed.


With burnout and fatigue as the norm, turnover is an undeniable truth in the veterinary profession. We’re changing this narrative by providing dedicated personnel to support ongoing talent management, retention, acquisition, and career development.


We bring expertise in marketing and in-depth understanding of the tools available to grow your practice.


We bring a user-friendly accounting system to standardize and streamline financials across the board.


We are focused on long-term shared success. We help our partners build practice management to facilitate something meaningful and valuable for the long run.


We provide our teams with the latest technology to promote workflow efficiency and decrease operational frustration.

Created for People and Practices

The veterinary industry is changing rapidly, leaving independent practices without helpful systems and protocols needed to move forward. Rarebreed helps shepherd practices toward a more sustainable future –without removing the individuality of each partner practice. Our goal? To help each practice flourish within our community (without all the growing pains).​

This Business is Personal to Us

We live our values through respectful relationships with our employees, clients, and partners. We manage our company with systems, strategy, and transparency. We act with integrity and fairness. Sellers become partners, and our partners become our family.​


Maine Veterinary Medical Center

"Partnering with Rarebreed has been an amazing experience for me. It has allowed me to focus on being a surgeon while turning most of the operations responsibilities to my managers and the talented Rarebreed staff.  My professional satisfaction has skyrocketed since the partnership."


Aspetuck Animal Hospital

"Partnering with Rarebreed has been a joy and relief. Their team is top notch and helps manage the finance and HR of the practice so that we can continue to focus on our patients, clients, and team members, and to provide high quality medicine, surgery and service."


Brewer Veterinary Clinic

"As soon as I started talking to Rarebreed I could see that our values for where medicine needs to go and where my clinic needed to go were totally aligned. They care what people are feeling and thinking – their emotional state – not just about numbers or the business aspect. I truly believe that they’re in it for the long haul and that they’ll make any practice a better place."

Empowering You to Live Your Purpose

We’re a growing team that functions like a tight-knit community through collaboration, support, and solidarity, because we believe no practice should ever feel isolated in the veterinary profession. See why our teammates refer to one another as family.

Curious About Our Rare Community?

Find out how an amazing vet career with us feels like winning the best, best, bestest Best in Show there ever was.