One Year + Three Rounds = A Rare Veterinary Internship Opportunity

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Take a Spin with Us for a Year (and Get Paid for It)

This internship is a one-year, paid veterinary internship program that enables upcoming veterinary school graduates to work in all three parts of the Rarebreed ecosystem:

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This unique hybrid veterinary internship program is the first of its kind in our industry, offering personalized mentorship, a competitive salary, and an opportunity for real-world training in three major veterinary entities.

Our program helps recent graduates figure out what area of veterinary medicine they like best to kickstart their careers in the area they enjoy most. We are proud to offer prospective veterinarians a positive introductory experience to a career in veterinary medicine. 

Why Apply for Our Internship?

Our goal is to help our interns succeed, both during the program and their veterinary jobs that follow. That means supporting them professionally, emotionally – and financially, too. Interns will enjoy:

You've Graduated – Now What?

If you’re an upcoming veterinary school graduate and not sure exactly where you want your career to go, we have a great opportunity for you to test the waters. With this internship, you’ll find personalized veterinary mentorship, professional growth opportunities – and hopefully, your answer to the age-old “what do you want to do with your life?” question.

Apply before the May 1st deadline.