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Adria Fusco smiling with a black poodle

Adria Fusco

Business Transformation Specialist

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Belle Stewart, LVT

Medical Education Technician/Trainer

Bernetta smiling and holding a dog

Bernetta Gethers

Onboarding & Training Manager

Rocray smiling with dog

Brenda Rocray

Senior Director of Programs and Platforms

Brian smiling and holding a rabbit

Brian Michaels, CVT

Medical Education Team Technician/Trainer

Christina Foster smiling and holding a dog

Christina Foster

Partner Onboarding Specialist

Tina Petersons smiling and holding a kitten

Christina Peterson

Senior Program Manager

Danielle Conway smiling with a dog

Danielle Conway, DVM, CVA, VSMT, CCRP, Nutrition Board Eligible

Nutritionist, Integrative Medicine & Medical Education Team Member

Danielle Mauri smiling with a dog wearing a sweater.

Danielle Mauri, CVT

Medical Education Team Technician/Trainer

Kim Southern smiling with a dog

Kim Southam

Business Transformation Specialist

Elliot holding cat

Linda Elliott, LVT

Medical Education Team Clinical Training Manager

Lisa Bourazak smiling and holding a dog

Lisa Bourazak, DVM, MPT, DACVAA

Anesthesiologist & Medical Education Team Member

Female Avatar

Megan Belcher, LVT

Regional Operations Manager

Melanie Flynn smiling and posing with black poodle

Melanie Flynn

Partner Onboarding Specialist

Millie Boque smiling and holding a cat

Millie Bogue, LVT

Medical Education Team Technician/Trainer

Nicole Kaltsas smiling and posing with black poodle

Nicole Kaltsas

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Woman smiling posing for photo with Golden Retriever

Rachael Waugh

Business Transformation Specialist

Female avatar

Rachel Fredette

Regional Operations Manager

Shannon smiling with a dog

Shannon Dalton

Business Transformation Sr. Manager

Spencer smiling with dog

Spencer Fox

Director of Partner Onboarding & Service

Woman posing for photo with small white dog

Sue Santerre

Director of Business Process & Systems

Tim Robertson smiling and holding a dog

Tim Robertson

Technical Implementation Manager

Tracey smiling with dog

Tracey Johnson

Senior Director of Operations

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Female veterinarian posing in a grass field with long-haired black dog

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