Company culture begins with employee happiness

Company culture begins with employee happiness

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Love. Respect. Fun. At Rarebreed, we recognize that for people in the veterinary profession, this work is more than a job, it’s a calling. The decision to pursue this field comes with its own challenges and hurdles, so we aim to foster exceptional work experiences by reinforcing hard work and dedication. Employees are key to our hospitals’ success – and we are committed to making them feel valued every day.

When employees succeed, Rarebreed succeeds too

There is no greater to way to demonstrate respect for a job well done than giving back. Recently, we distributed profit-sharing to hospital team members. After a taxing season for many, these paycheck additions were met with surprise, happiness and – most of all – appreciation. “I was very thankful and very surprised,” said Nicole Smith, a veterinary technician at Aspetuck Animal Hospital. “When you’re putting in all this work to make a difference and it’s noticed at the end of the day, it really changes how you come in the next day.” Adrienne Buckley, a Kindred Spirits Veterinary Clinic technician, echoed Nicole’s sentiments, “It was a very kind and thoughtful way to acknowledge mine and my coworker’s hard work.” Gestures like profit-sharing can also boost morale within the hospital, adds Dr. Andrew Clark, Medical Director at Hometown Veterinary Care. “I think morale is a huge component of performance. Feeling included and valued is important,” he said. “Part of that is how we treat our team members on a daily basis – and part of that is showing that monetarily.”

A team approach to business

While giving back is a core belief, our cultural values go beyond financial benefits. When we partner with a new hospital, we make sure their team not only feels supported, but heard. For Smith, she’s noticed a shift in the hospital environment over the last several months as part of the Rarebreed community. “A lot of people are paying attention to the way that we work with each other and how to make the hospital flow better”, she said. “I feel that our bonuses or just our voices being heard has really changed the way that people feel – especially during such a hectic time.” Dr. Clark agrees saying, “We’ve felt supported by Rarebreed the whole way. Their team approach is key to navigating the whole transition process. It makes us feel so much better being there.”

Support that goes the extra step

Our hospital team members are more than employees – they’re family. Nicole Smith’s year was marked by both joy and sorrow. She gave birth to a baby girl in April, but also experienced a tragic event in the family. “Rarebreed was definitely there to be supportive. Never once did I question if I’d have a job coming back; I felt welcomed and appreciated for returning. And that was very important to myself and my family.” At the core of our values, Rarebreed proudly advocates for love and respect for every employee on our team. We recognize that taking care of people not only leads to a stronger business but ultimately creates a sense of purpose for those around it.