Congrats to Dr. Kathy Seymour: First Recipient of the MVMA Distinguished Colleague Award

Woman sitting on the floor with puppy in her lap

We are ecstatic to announce the very first recipient of the Maine Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA) Distinguished Colleague Award: Dr. Kathy Seymour of Sunray Animal Clinic, Brunswick, Maine.

The MVMA Board of Directors established the award in 2020 to recognize the exceptional contribution to the Maine veterinary community by an MVMA member. Candidates are nominated by their colleagues. The winner is chosen after consideration of multiple criteria, including mentorship, collaboration and advancement of the profession, as well as service to peers, clients and their local communities. Dr. Seymour was one of seven veterinarians nominated, and we couldn’t be prouder that she was selected as the winner.

Dr. Seymour was nominated because of the powerful impact she has had on her healthcare team, peers and community. She was described as “fiercely dedicated to…the crucial area of inclusion and diversity.” A caring teacher and mentor, Dr. Seymour’s approach is cited as one reason for the unusually long tenure of many of the staff at Sunray Animal Clinic. With respect to her team, she “leads with emotion, love and determination.”

Perhaps most notably, Dr. Seymour was instrumental in carrying on the legacy of her dear friend and the founder of Sunray Animal Clinic, Dr. Anne Del Borgo, who sadly passed away in 2019 from breast cancer. Rather than allow her friend’s dream to fail, Dr. Seymour partnered with Rarebreed to ensure that the special, close-knit hospital Dr. Del Borgo started would continue to thrive.

To honor Dr. Del Borgo’s life, Dr. Seymour and Sunray Animal Clinic committed to support the Dempsey Center, an organization dedicated to making life better for people managing the impact of cancer. They joined the Dempsey Challenge, an annual run, walk and cycle fundraiser for the Center. Sunray’s team is dubbed Anne’s Purple Pugs because Dr. Del Borgo loved both pugs and the color purple. Clients, employees and patients came together (including a paralyzed pug in a stroller with Anne’s picture on it) and raised $23,000 for the Dempsey Center in 2019. And despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Anne’s Purple Pugs found a way to safely return in 2020 to take on the Dempsey Challenge, raising $21,000.

Through her leadership and strength of character, Dr. Seymour continues to unite the hospital team to fulfill her best friend’s dream. So, on behalf of the entire Rarebreed team: Congratulations, Dr. Seymour!

You deserve it, and you make us proud.