Reimagining a New Veterinary Experience – and Why That Matters to You

Sunday group photo

Make room — Rarebreed is creating a new kind of veterinary workplace. A working environment where team members feel supported, valued, heard – and excited to come to work every day.

Now, it’s easy for us to say that Rarebreed is a great place to work. But we believe if we’re going to talk the talk, we’d better walk the walk. Take a look at how we’re creating an exceptional work experience.

1. We care about our people
Working in the veterinary profession can be stressful, isolating and emotionally taxing. The CDC estimates that nearly 1 in 10 veterinarians experiences severe psychological distress. A 2020 paper in Frontiers in Veterinary Science, showed that over 50% of technicians suffer from burnout.

To help combat this industry-wide issue, we’ve structured our company culture with a family-first mentality, creating a working environment that’s encouraging, fun, open and one that fosters team-member growth from every angle. Wellness forums, monthly support groups, wellness coaches and Employee Assistance Programs help support their physical and emotional well-being. Because they are the foundation of our company, it’s crucial that we take care of our team members from both a mental and physical standpoint. Before taking any action, we first ask, “How will this help our community?”

Diversity and inclusion are also important to the Rarebreed team. We established our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee to address current issues that face the veterinary community – and make sure everyone has a place where they can thrive, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation or credentials.

We empower our team members! Technicians are encouraged to maximize their wide range of skills in our veterinary hospitals. And doctors and management are equally encouraged to trust their technicians and staff to perform the tasks they’re trained for.

The result of investing in our people? Happier team members and lower turnover. In a recent survey, 95 percent of team members said they recommend working at a Rarebreed-partnered hospital.


2. We offer industry-leading benefits and pay
At Rarebreed, we believe team members who feel valued, appreciated and connected to an organization provide better care for pets and owners. And for us, showing appreciation means taking care of them financially, too. Our benefits and pay transcend the profession’s average because our standards of care go beyond what’s expected.

In addition to generous benefits (including pet-related ones), pay and a bonus referral program, every Rarebreed team member has access to continuing education opportunities to develop their expertise. This includes professional development programs – like the Penn Foster Sponsorship Program – and tuition reimbursement.

To make everyone feel invested in our community, team members are eligible for quarterly bonuses based on hospital performance. This is a benefit that’s typically reserved for doctors, and we’re proud to offer it to a broader group of deserving individuals.


3. We’re constantly looking at what’s next
The veterinary profession isn’t stagnant. And Rarebreed isn’t either. We’re continuing to find ways to attract and retain the brightest and kindest minds in the veterinary profession. That starts within our own walls. Hospital team members will soon have access to a career ladder, which will demonstrate how to reach the next steps in their careers – and encourage them to take those steps. We’re also working on a video learning platform and a technician-run nutrition program.

Outside the office, we’re focused on combating the current issue of work-life integration in the veterinary community. The Rarebreed PTO policy exceeds our competitors and encourages team members to take the time off that they’ve earned – and wholeheartedly deserve.

Above all, we’re focused on listening more and talking less. All Rarebreed team members are encouraged to submit feedback and ideas for continued organizational improvement. It’s our goal to foster a workplace that’s united with a common purpose and uncommon passion – and a culture that’s rooted in love, respect and fun.

And all that starts with our team.