Mental Illness Awareness Week

Illustration of a veterinarian with stethoscope

By Dan Espinal, Cofounder & CEO

There is an incredible amount of value that people can add to a community or profession, not only from a racial and gender perspective,  but also a psychological one. As a young professional, I had a boss who had a mental health disorder and was one of the smartest individuals I had ever met. He brought unconventional perspective, allowing us to think differently about our client’s problems. We need more sensitivity, understanding and appreciation for neurodiversity. Neurodiversity gives us the opportunity to think beyond traditional boundaries in ways we can’t even imagine that advance our understanding of the world. We respect and embrace psychological and neurological differences, since everyone, (yes, we mean everyone) has a beautiful mind worth celebrating!

At Rarebreed, we try to break the mold and think differently. We bring our challenger approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion. As we reimagine the work experience, we must consider both seen and unseen diversity in an effort to build a community whereby all can feel pleasure, fulfillment and meaning.