The Rarebreed Way Spotlight

PetMedic Urgent Care Vet Clinic Opens in Portland, Maine

Our purpose is simply to lend a helping hand to our veterinary colleagues.

At Rarebreed, great company culture begins with employee happiness

There is no greater way to demonstrate respect for a job well done than giving back.

Control Your Happiness at Work: Director of Wellness & Sustainability Joins RB Team

We pioneer change again and hire a director 100% dedicated to healthcare team happiness!

Shattering Racial and Gender Barriers

Rarebreed’s values of love, respect and innovation prevail!

Dedicated to Helping Any Colleague in Need

We hope you join us by donating to Dr. Christy Peters’ cause. Please do whatever you can to help.

Learn How Reflection Leads to Change (Yes, It Can Be Uncomfortable!)

I spoke Spanish before I could speak English. I remember a few kids made fun of the way I talked and looked. I went home, told my parents, and refused to speak Spanish ever again.

Mental Illness Awareness Week

We try to break the mold and think differently. Co-Founder and CEO Dan Espinal shares his thoughts on Mental Illness Awareness Week.

Rarebreed Walks the Walk with Anne’s Purple Pugs for Dempsey Challenge

Purple pugs? You bet! Our partnerships transcend business transactions. Learn about our unwavering commitment to preserving legacy with Sunray Animal Clinic.

Meet Casco Bay Veterinary Hospital’s New Practice Manager – Ina Leddy

Ina’s past nine years in the veterinary profession took a 180 degree turn when work became her happy place!

3 Questions Every Owner Should Ask Before Selling Their Practice

Many owners get sweaty palms when they consider posting a “For Sale” sign. You are ready to take flight but geez, there are a gazillion knobs in this cockpit!

Congratulations Dr. Jennifer Keaten

Congratulations Dr. Jennifer Keaten

In the fall of 2019, Dr. Keaten joined the newly formed International Veterinary Dental Institute with one goal in mind – to encourage other veterinarians to become Veterinary Dental Practitioners and improve their quality of dentistry for their patients. Dr. Keaten currently practices at Norway Veterinary Hospital which offers advanced dental capabilities and services to their clients.

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