Passionate and purposeful innovation!

Passionate and purposeful innovation!

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Backing a people-first culture with innovative technology

At Rarebreed, we continuously challenge ourselves to never settle for the status quo. For us, not settling means continuing to push the envelope in ways that create exceptional experiences for both veterinary professionals and pet owners. We do that best by putting people first – and backing our commitment to them with the latest innovations. Our goal is to make the practice employees’ lives easier. Instead of having to focus on how to optimize their operations, they can do what they do best: take care of patients.

We never sacrifice the personal touch

Respect is one of our core values – and that starts with respecting our practice’s time and talent. We have a dedicated technology team constantly looking for new solutions and developing new software to support our partner practices. One of the solutions that stemmed from our goal of combining the practice needs with technical innovation was the development of our onboarding app. It allows practices to complete the onboarding process three times faster and more efficiently, without sacrificing the personal touch. “My team makes all of these ideas possible. Biswa Prakash and David Searle bring these ideas to life. They make you feel like you’re the only practice they support,” says Jeremy Halperin, Chief Information Officer of Rarebreed. Biswa Prakash, Rarebreed’s Director of Analytics, adds, “I joined Rarebreed for two reasons, the people and to make a difference. I’m getting both.”

Providing information with a purpose

We go beyond simply providing the technology. We also provide a wide range of insightful data. One of the benefits of being part of a community of practices is the opportunity to learn from your fellow veterinary professionals and gather wisdom from a larger pool of statistics. We can aggregate data from any practice management software (PMS), by leveraging the best in class third party software partners to extract and transform data from any PMS. The outcome is that each partner practice is receiving data that wasn’t previously available to inform their decision-making.

Setting the standard from Day 1

From the day Rarebreed was born, we prioritized investing in people and ensuring they had the right tools to excel. And that’s why as soon as a practice becomes a Rarebreed partner, we conduct an audit to understand the current state of their infrastructure. The audit is two-fold:

1. Security: We pride ourselves on upgrading security and physical systems to the latest security/infrastructure standards.

2. Employee experience: We enhance the employee-centered workplace experience by educating about and making available best-in-class veterinary software solutions that exist in the market.

Comprised of both technical reviews and user evaluation, this audit assesses what is and isn’t working. We take the time to listen to the healthcare team members to truly understand their pain points. From there, we make recommendations, but we never dictate what a practice must use or do.

Pushing ahead

As excited as we are about the progress made so far, we’re committed to continuing to find new ways to push innovation. “One of the unique things about our Rarebreed team is the foresight to proactively plan for the future, investing in team members and technology that can develop a solution for a problem that may not even exist…yet,” says Jeremy Halperin. This technological push will continue to focus on solving problems and providing solutions for our practices, but never at the expense of our people-first culture.