We are a wellness-focused company. Period.

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Learn how we’re improving the veterinary work experience, one extraordinary employee at a time.

Have you ever met a retired veterinary technician? We bet the answer is no because they are few and far between. A high percentage of employees in the veterinary profession face both mental and physical health issues. Despite this, there are often limited resources for employees to receive the support they need and deserve. Eventually, these incredible and passionate people burn out and leave the profession forever.

At Rarebreed, we recognized this need and we’re tackling it with passion, determination and gusto. We’re redefining the veterinary work experience right now and it’s looking bright and relaxed (with the goal of no back or knee problems in sight). Read on.

Unique Emphasis on Wellness

We’re a proactive bunch and want to provide Rarebreed’s employees with the best possible workplace and culture. After all, we are a wellness-focused company.

For us, wellness has several definitions:

  • Emotional well-being
  • Inclusivity
  • Racial and gender diversity
  • Neurodiversity
  • Physical well-being

We know that when our team members are healthy — both mentally and physically — they can succeed and thrive in the workplace. Through conscious efforts and creative thinking, Rarebreed established a broad-based approach for company wellness and continues to lead the charge in the veterinary profession.

It Starts from the Top

Rarebreed co-founders, Sean Miller and Dan Espinal, saw the importance of wellness from the start. “People are the core foundation of our company and what makes us go,” Sean says. “We aspire to find repeatable solutions our teams can implement to find and preserve the balance needed to be well.” Dan elaborates, “Sadly, for an industry with incredible, smart, passionate, caring people, it’s an industry that suffers from high rates of burnout, compassion fatigue and suicide. Sean and I founded Rarebreed with a focus on creating a kick-ass work experience for veterinary healthcare teams.”

Through their leadership, Rarebreed implemented a designated role for wellness— Dr. Ginny Gill, Rarebreed’s director of wellness and sustainability. Ginny serves as the primary touchpoint for employee wellness and continually implements new initiatives to ensure Rarebreed is always moving forward in the wellness space.

“My role is to champion wellness and, in turn, help create and foster sustainability within Rarebreed Veterinary Partners and the larger veterinary medical industry. As a practicing veterinarian, I am intimately familiar with the challenges we can face in our workplace and professional lives,” Ginny says. Ginny helped kick off a monthly wellness forum, workshops, and “Letters from Ginny,” a health-focused content series for the entire team.

It’s in the Company DNA

Rarebreed also created a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee. This committee, which is comprised of members from Rarebreed partner practices as well as Rarebreed headquarters, strives to act on and tackle diversity in the veterinary profession. “Rarebreed is a young, growing company and building DEI concepts into its DNA from the start says a lot about the people who are building it, and the people we want to join us,” says DEI committee member and partner veterinarian Dr. Buck Drummond.

Undeniable Impact

As the vice president of human resources, Kristy Greco sees the direct impact of this core company value. Recognizing the importance of prioritizing her own health within her professional life, she’s used a physical trainer to take time for herself. “It’s a great stress reliever and gives me dedicated time each morning to focus on me,” she says.

Rarebreed experiences some of the lowest employee turnover in the profession.

On the Horizon

As Rarebreed continues to make additional strides in the wellness sphere, there are new initiatives coming up. Next on the docket is a financial wellness program, helping new homeowners and advising employees with student loans. “These are skills that are not taught in school, and we want our employees to have all the tools they need to make the best decisions,” Kristy says.

We want you to stay and thrive in veterinary medicine for a long time. Join us in the charge for a wellness-centered profession. For a more in-depth look at our wellness initiatives, visit https://rarebreedvet.com/wellness/.