Two veterinarians smiling and examining a dog

What do you love about veterinary medicine?

Choosing a career that you love can be an important part of living a happy and meaningful life. But what does that “love” look like for someone who has chosen a career in veterinary medicine? First and foremost, it likely means a love of animals and the desire to contribute in some way to their well-being. But knowing that a veterinary career can take any number of paths, and require a multitude of skills and experiences, we wanted to know what veterinary professionals loved most about their chosen profession. To find out, we asked some of our Rarebreed medical operations team members.

To me, love is apparent in every dog and cat that comes into the clinic. An owner that brings their pet to the vet does it, quite simply, because they love their pet. We care for the ones we love. And it’s that love that makes my job so special and so enjoyable. By helping that owner care for their pet, I get to be a part of that love.
Allen smiling with dog
Kate Allen, DVM
medical operations veterinarian
Working in veterinary medicine gives me the ability and knowledge to help an animal in distress. I’ve always been able to connect with animals and knowing how to help them when they need it most feeds my soul. I get to be a part of the team that saves the life of a being that exudes nothing but unconditional love and acceptance. My patients love me too, well, most of them anyway. There are a few cats who would beg to disagree.
Elliot holding cat
Linda Elliott, LVT
clinical training manager
Being an advocate for those who can’t speak for themselves is about as noble a cause as I can imagine dedicating my life to. I also do it for the free baked goods around the holidays!

James smiling with a dog
James Desir, DVM, CCRP
medical operations veterinarian
I love veterinary medicine for the diversity of challenges we conquer every day and for the diverse range of opportunities it presents. From complicated medical cases, surgical cases, to figuring out how to navigate the humans that bring in the pets, you never know what each appointment will entail. Solving complex problems daily makes me love this field. Plus, puppies and kittens.
David Tubman with Marty McFly
David Tubman, DVM, MPH
medical operations veterinarian