Earth Day – Teaming Up For Change

Meredith taking out the trash

Meredith Banker CVT/LVT II typically takes seven bags of plastic film to be recycled each week.


On Earth Day – a day to raise awareness about global climate change – many of us stop to consider what we can do to help the environment and protect the Earth. We probably practice curbside recycling at home and are pros at remembering to bring our reusable bags to the grocery store. These things certainly make a difference. But what if we upped the ante and started to think on a larger scale? What if we worked with our team members and our community to find ways to make an even bigger impact?

Meredith Banker CVT/LVT II at Rarebreed partner practice Maine Veterinary Medical Center in Scarborough, Maine, is leading the charge. MVMC has taken on the challenge of sustainability by learning about the recycling of different materials used in their hospital. They invited a representative from EcoMaine to speak to them about how their facility works and what items can and cannot be recycled there. Since the EcoMaine presentation, MVMC has increased the number of single-sort recycle bins throughout their hospital to encourage recycling whenever possible. They’ve also taken on plastic film recycling and designated separate receptacles to collect flexible plastic that will be used by Trex Decking to make recycled plastic deck material. They typically drop off seven large bags of plastic film each week.

The MVMC team is also collecting cans and bottles that have a deposit and plan to use the money they raise toward a special treat for their staff. Finally, they’ve been composting food waste through a Portland company called Garbage to Garden!

If you’d like to work on reducing your carbon footprint and have questions about how to get started, send us an email: [email protected]. We’d love to support your efforts!

Three trash bins