Rarebreed Ambassadors Head Back to Class

Rarebreed Ambassadors Head Back to Class

Veterinary students are hitting the books for another year of school, working toward earning that gleaming white coat. When they returned to school, they were met by some smiling faces of students who are part of the Rarebreed community, thanks to a new-to-us ambassador program. This is just one of the newest perks of our recent acquisition of a fellow practice group, Vet’s Best Friend (VBF).

Our student ambassadors are an important part of spreading the love, respect, and fun message throughout their veterinary schools and are ultimately the conduit between future job opportunities and Rarebreed. They are Rarebreed experts who can speak authoritatively about us and our hospital community.

When Dr. Cheryl Brocki joined VBF, the ambassador program was small, with only Lincoln Memorial University and two ambassadors. Dr. Brocki immediately saw the
program’s potential, believed it could be a great way to connect with students, peer-to-peer, and got to work contacting deans of colleges. 

She was thrilled at the positivity she encountered and their willingness to help, even offering to message the student body directly about the ambassador role opportunities.

“Building out the team of student ambassadors has been extremely rewarding,” Dr. Brocki said. “We have had such a positive response from students and the universities. The students are incredibly engaged and enthusiastic and I am so proud to call them fellow colleagues.”

Rarebreed’s top priority is providing a healthy and happy work environment where veterinary professionals can thrive, with all the support they need to succeed, including mentorship, training, and ample CE opportunities. Through the support of our ambassadors, we are able to learn what is most important to the students of today — and the veterinarians of tomorrow.

The program continues to grow.  Today, we have 18 ambassadors in 15 universities.

We’re always looking to add more veterinary schools to our program. If you want to learn more, or if you’re interested in becoming a student ambassador, email our ambassador team.

Meet some of our rockstar, future-DVM ambassador team here!