Dr. Marc Rosenberg Helps Homeless Dogs, One Transport at a Time

Dr. Marc Rosenberg Helps Homeless Dogs, One Transport at a Time

Each month, hundreds of homeless adult dogs and puppies in Georgia are given a second chance to live the life they deserve, in a safe and loving home, thanks to the work of an organization called Animal Aid and the generosity of its volunteers. One of those volunteers is Dr. Marc Rosenberg from County Line Veterinary Hospital in Marlton, New Jersey. County Line became part of the Rarebreed community with the acquisition of VETS Best
Friend in 2022, and we couldn’t be happier. Dr. Rosenberg cares for the pets in his community with love, respect, and exceptional medicine. Then, once a month, he provides that same level of care to the dogs (future pets!) who have made the journey up from Georgia.

“Animal Aid works with a Georgia shelter,” Dr. Rosenberg explained. “They travel from New Jersey to Georgia once a month, pick up about 200 puppies and adult dogs, then head back to New Jersey.” 


Once they arrive in New Jersey they go to individual rescue groups who then place them into foster homes before they are adopted. Animal Aid has been making this freedom ride for about 10 years and has rescued more than 10,000 dogs!

Every month for the past seven years, Dr. Rosenberg, often accompanied by members of his County Line team, friends, and his daughters, meets the transport to tend to the dogs before going into foster homes. During one of the latest transports, he examined about 40 dogs. “I do this predominately for Woof Love Rescue,” Dr. Rosenberg explained. “Once they are with the rescue group, I do my best to give them what veterinary care they need until they find their forever home.” 

We are lucky to have Dr. Rosenberg on our team and are beyond grateful for his big heart and dedication to helping homeless animals.