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Are You a Rare Breed?

Rarebreed Veterinary Partners is reimagining and reclaiming what work looks like in veterinary medicine. We have created a unique culture that makes people happy to show up each day. Join a team that is not only committed to medical excellence but also makes going to work engaging and fun. With a nurturing yet comprehensive onboarding experience, we give you the foundation for emotional and financial success starting from your first day.

Exceptional Professional Experiences for Everyone

At Rarebreed, we think differently about diversity, equity, and inclusion. We consider both seen and unseen diversity as we work to build a meaningful, fulfilling veterinary community. We don’t all look alike, nor do we all think and process life the exact same way, but we’re all committed to professional excellence and to celebrating each other.

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Keep Up With Our Pack

Missy, Homeward Bound

One of the many benefits of being part of a community is that we get to share heartwarming stories from our partner practices. These stories

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Building a Strong Community

As the Rarebreed team grows, so does our focus on, and commitment to, community. After all, that’s why we’re here.  “Rarebreed exists to bring people

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From Technicians to Practice Managers,
Everyone Has a Story


Hospital Manager, Veterinary Emergency Center, Leshem Veterinary Surgery

"Before joining Leshem Veterinary Surgery, I seriously considered leaving veterinary medicine because I hadn’t found a team with the same core values as mine. I am so grateful to Dr. Leshem for bringing me on, introducing me to his awesome practice, and making the decision to partner with Rarebreed. As each day goes by, I know I made the best choice and I have never regretted my decision."


Practice Manager, Kennebunk Veterinary Hospital

"Having a family of practices that works collectively offers multiple hidden benefits. The life of a practice manager can be very lonely, so a built-in peer group to ask about strategy and best practices is invaluable!"


Hospital Manager, Greenwich Village Animal Hospital

"After over 18 years working in the veterinary industry, joining Rarebreed has been a wonderful and truly unique experience. The level of care they provide me as an employee is absolutely top notch, which in turn allows me to give my patients and clients the best of myself."

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