Innovation and Growth

Rarebreed’s chief growth officer, Dr. William Griffin, talks about innovation and growth in the veterinary field. Dr. Griffin began his career with a successful 24-hour hospital that embraced state-of-the-art systems, a culture of teamwork, and knowledge-sharing. He expanded this model as a founding member of Pathway Veterinary Alliance, and further developed it at VetEcoSystem using data and analytics.

Rarebreed is passionate about pursuing innovative solutions within the veterinary field. What does that innovation look like?

It’s funny, sometimes innovation comes from using what we know differently. Let’s take teamwork for example. Over the years, I’ve learned that teamwork is one of the most essential solutions for delivering the best outcomes for pets and pet owners. Empowering frontline teams to be decisionmakers can lead to exceptional patient care and great client service. When everyone takes on a leadership role, we become more invested in the success of the practice and more committed to advancing veterinary medicine.

Through the adoption of systems, processes and technologies we can create efficiencies that help the entire team approach a patient visit with more compassion and better results, and that is both rewarding and innovative.

What lies ahead for Rarebreed and why is innovation important for veterinary practices?

In just over four years Rarebreed has nearly 50 practice partners, and technological innovation is an important component of these partnerships. Our expansion reflects the care and attention we put into each partnership arrangement, with Rarebreed supporting and rewarding people and offering the right software solutions.

Our existing infrastructure allows for larger growth without the pain points. We have carefully cultivated the right finance, HR, IT, payroll, and recruiting systems and solutions to support these practices today, and we are well-positioned to support the hundreds more we believe will want to join our family tomorrow.

How do you see growth and innovation implemented at individual veterinary practices?

Our goal is to help each partner hospital grow in a meaningful and organic way. There’s exceptional work being done among our teams, and we share it to provide continuous inspiration and learning.

Tell us about changes in the delivery of veterinary care and innovations there.

One exciting innovation we are focusing on is filling the gap between the services provided at  general practices and emergency care facilities. With the rapid growth of pet ownership over the last few years, the need for general and emergency veterinary care has skyrocketed. We believe that veterinary urgent care is the solution for overwhelmed practices. We want to re-envision the delivery of integrated medicine among urgent care, general practice and emergency hospitals to ensure the continuity of patient care that’s needed today and for the future.

Would you agree that Rarebreed is passionate about creating exceptional work experiences through our team of experts?

Absolutely! We partner with great people and great practices to help them on their journey. We want to help you to explore the ways you can grow and innovate at your practice. Contact a team member to discuss more.