Earth Day Initiatives: Caring for Our Pets and Our Planet

Earth Day Initiatives: Caring for Our Pets and Our Planet

outer view of veterinary hospital

Earth Day is a perfect opportunity to shine a spotlight on three of our partner hospitals that are leading the charge in eco-conscious practices.

Turning Plastic Waste into Benches

Apple Country Animal Hospital in Stow, Massachusetts, has taken a proactive approach to tackling plastic waste. 

Teaming up with The Trex Company, Apple Country has embarked on a mission to collect 1,000 pounds of plastic by becoming a drop-off location for plastic bags and wraps.

Once they hit their target, The Trex Company will create a bench made entirely from the recycled plastic they collected. It’s a tangible reminder of the power of collective action and the potential for innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

Embracing Cloud-Based Efficiency

Saugerties Animal Hospital in Saugerties, New York, is harnessing the power of technology to reduce its environmental footprint. By transitioning to a cloud-based software system, they’re eliminating piles of paperwork and replacing them with a streamlined, eco-friendly alternative.

Less paper means fewer trees are cut down, less energy is consumed in printing and transportation, and ultimately, less waste is headed to landfills. It’s a small change with big implications, proving that sometimes, the most sustainable solutions are also the most efficient. 

Setting the Bar for Energy Efficiency

Cumberland Animal Clinic in Cumberland Center, Maine, is a great example of energy efficiency. From the ground up, their new 7,000-square-foot facility was designed with the environment in mind. It’s like a tight “envelope” that minimizes energy loss and maximizes efficiency.

Inside the hospital, they use energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs, motion sensors to minimize unnecessary lighting, and skylights that let natural light flood in, reducing the need for artificial illumination. Outside, their solar “farm” powers the entire practice. Since the farm’s installation in 2017, it’s been generating all the electricity they need. They are also on a mission to go paperless, with a commitment to becoming a completely paper-free practice.

These three veterinary hospitals are leading by example. From recycling plastic to embracing digital solutions and harnessing renewable energy, they’re proving that every little action adds up to make a big difference. 

On this Earth Day, let’s celebrate their green initiatives and take inspiration from their commitment to a healthier planet for all beings, furry, scaly, and otherwise.

Treatment area with skylights (the circles in the ceiling) at Cumberland Animal Clinic.